Review: The Witch Who Courted Death by Maria Lewis

By Jayse Smith

In the latest offering from Australian author, Maria Lewis, readers are reacquainted with the amazing character Corvossier ‘Casper’ von Klitzing and introduced to her twin brother Barastin. The siblings both have the ability to confer with and control spirits of the dead. For those of you playing at home, Capser first appeared briefly in Maria’s Who’s Afraid series.


In Casper, Lewis has made a phenomenal character who is smart, independent, and although she does have moments of vulnerability when pushed to her limits, she is never presented as weak. This had a massive effect on myself, as a man, as a writer, as a person. So much so that in response to this, I spend three to four minutes raving about this exact statement in my latest booktube video.


Lewis has attempted and succeeded in bringing a character to life who is likeable and represents women in the way they should be portrayed in fiction. Writers need to stop this insta-love, love triangle, wall-flower BS and start taking a leaf from Maria’s book and instead write a kick-ass, accurate representation of a woman… Okay, rant over. Let’s continue!

After a tragic event in the beginning of the novel (don’t worry, I’m not about spoilers), Casper is filled with thoughts of revenge against The Oct, a corrupt gang of which she has little understanding. The medium uses her unrivalled ability to speak with and control the dead as well as her knowledge of the supernatural world to solve this mystery. Little does she know that this search will see her ending up missing a limb, being nearly drowned, hexed, tangled up in witchcraft, and perhaps getting more than she bargained for.


Every piece of evidence leads to a witch who does not want to be found. I for one adored the use of magic throughout the book, the spells/charms and Wicca history were all well researched and based in real practise. Lewis grew up in the 90’s around the same time of the last popularity boom for witches and witchcraft. 

The self-professed lover of the movie ‘The Craft’, easily weaves the magic into each page of this spin-off of her already successful Who’s Afraid series with another strong female lead, Tommi Grayson.


Lewis has an extensive breadth of work under her belt. She writes amazing film reviews on Junkee and She’s a journalist, a screenwriter, she interviews stars and directors on YouTube and much, much more. Be sure to hit up Maria’s website to join her mailing list. She sends out a newsletter monthly with links to her articles as well as all the awesome stuff she has been up to recently.


The Witch Who Courted Death is available from Amazon, Book Depository, and other good book retailers.

Synopsis | Goodreads


For some, death is a way of life . . .


Considering her status as the world’s most powerful medium, Corvossier ‘Casper’ von Klitzing and her twin brother Barastin

had a pretty normal life. Her unrivalled ability to speak with and control the dead had made her a living, made her notorious … and made her a target.

After a horrific incident in her home city of Berlin, Casper’s life is forever changed. The sole survivor, she is consumed with vengeance towards an enemy she doesn’t understand. The only other person ever to escape the legendary Oct was a witch – so Casper is soon on her trail.

But this witch does not want to be found.

Diving headfirst into the supernaturally secretive world of spells, charms and covens, it’s not long before Casper is crossing much more than just the line between the living and the dead . . .


This time reinventing witches and ghosts with a much-needed feminist twist, The Witch Who Courted Death is a brand new title from the bestselling author of Who’s Afraid?