Rebel Wilson shines in newly released 'Isn't it Romantic.'

By Nicky Kirkham


Netflix has pulled out all the stops with this quirky yet charming movie that satirises the very the things that makes our favourite rom-coms great. By challenging the many stereotypes visible in every romantic movie Julia Roberts has ever starred in, Isn’t it Romantic is a fun and fresh take on movies that rely on a beautiful yet clumsy damsel that is looking for love in all the wrong places.   


Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, How to be single) stars as the independent yet jaded female protagonist, Natalie, who spends most of her days being treated like a doormat and views love as nothing but a sham thanks to her cynical mother (whose favourite drink consists of boxed wine dumped over scoops of ice cream). It isn’t until Natalie is awkwardly mugged on the subway and she’s knocked unconscious that the movie really takes a hilarious turn. 


Awaking in what appears to be an alternate reality of her life, Natalie quickly discovers her life has been transformed into a glossy and brightly coloured PG romantic movie. She deduces after several frustrated run ins with her transformed work colleagues and neighbour, that the only way to escape this horrifying reality is to find someone to fall in love with her. Or at least, that’s what she believes at first. 


Both Liam Hemsworth and Adam Levine make adorable and funny leading men who really add to this movies heart and soul. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Hemsworth’s comedic timing having considered him more of a serious actor after films such as 

The Hunger Games and Independent Day; Resurgence. Levine on the other hand, long ago secured his spot as a comedic actor after Pitch Perfect and as always, the chemistry between Levine and Wilson is sweet and completely undeniable. These two should always do movies together as they create comedy gold when the two are bouncing off each other.


I’m a big lover of romantic comedy movies and I was delighted by the many nods and shout outs the writers made of the classic formula that all these movies rely on. From perfectly choreographed dance scenes to the stereotypical gay best friend, Isn’t It Romantic pokes fun at what makes these movies sickeningly sweet. Yet this movie also cleverly manages to retain the self empowering message it is sending by carefully manoeuvring away from scenes that would otherwise turn this movie into a bitter and angry tirade on love. Isn’t It Romantic has a lot of heart and a large helping of the kind of self depreciating humour that Wilson is famous for. 


Isn’t it Romantic is family friendly and the perfect Saturday night movie with the girls or even your mum and earned 4 out of 5 stars from me. 


Side note: Be sure to hang around for the end credits as the musical number with the cast is gold and had me giggling well after the movie had finished!