Sex Education (Netflix)

By Jayse Smith


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Mary Chieffo (L’Rell) and newcomer Anson Mount, who will play the role of Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise in Season Two.

SDCC saw the premiere of the trailer for Discovery’s second season, where this writer came away from with goosebumps. We see Burnham’s character thrust back into space with constant explosions, spaceflight, asteroids as the totally apt Fly away by Lenny Kravitz plays in the background. There’s also the addition of a new Starfleet uniform which fans of the OG will identify with and although it was teased in the trailer that yes Spock will indeed appear in the latest instalment of the series, fans didn’t get to see him in this trailer. There’s also the addition of a new captain for this season who introduces himself as Pike.

After the panel discussion with the discovery cast we’ve learnt that series two will air in January, but there’s a Christmas present coming, there will be four films or ‘Short Treks’ about some of the characters. Despite a broken neck in season 1 Dr. Culber is back – it’ll be interesting to see how they fit that in, although if someone could bring back the dead it would be Lt. Stamets.

It was also teased that there will be a visit to Saru’s home planet where we will learn more about the predator/prey role that his character falls into. “We’re syncing up with the original, so there’ll be a lot of Easter eggs this year,” promises Kurtzman.

You can catch season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery streaming on Netflix AU now.
Season 2 will be available in January, but stay tuned for more information about the short films coming in December